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Advice, Support, Competence

With our measures, we aim to create change in your interest.

Depending on the scope of the task, this could mean coaching, workshops, employee analyses, leadership training or a mix of these measures. There is one thing we always keep in mind: Change has a lasting impact. Your employees thus become implementers of the processes that accomplish the desired change.










An important prerequisite for the sustainable achievement of business objectives is a realistic assessment of the competence, potential and performance of your employees.

Modern diagnostic procedures make it possible to achieve accuracy when filling a position, putting together a team or the targeted (further) development of leaders. Benefit from:

Realistic statements on a person's emotional, social, organizational and leadership-relevant attributes

Informed statements on talents, strengths and weaknesses

Analyses that make the dynamics within a team transparent or provide guidance for optimization

More objective, harmonized assessments

The identification of tools and methods that enable further development

Clear statements on how communication can be designed (more) effectively




Contemporary leadership has little to do with the understanding and instruments of leadership that once prevailed

"Transformational Leadership" is the concept of the hour. It is the answer to a working world that has reshuffled the cards and sees adaptability to increasing pressure, dynamism and innovation as crucial to the game. Anyone who leads empathically and credibly today has recognized the difference between "leading" and "effectively leading". Our leadership training is aimed at existing and future managers. They familiarize you with the new rules of the game and introduce you to operations-focussed methods, tools and techniques. Benefit from:

A deep understanding of the new framework in which effective leadership takes place

Credible leadership in the conflicting fields of goal achievement, pressure and expectations of your employees

Analyses that make the dynamics within a team transparent or provide guidance for optimization

Effective communication, tailored to specific occasion and types

Operations-focussed exercises that respectively simulate or anticipate real challenges in your company

A leadership style that leads employees out of their comfort zones and gives them the desire to perform at their very best




Our workshops transform your employees into the driving force of the desired change process

Memorable communication of the contents through the experience-oriented character of the workshops

Active involvement and cooperation of all participants

High attentiveness and acceptance through playful elements

No theory without practice: Contents are repeatedly practised and analysed

Support of
memorability via
Graphic Recording

Depending on the topic, the use of outdoor elements

They will progressively acquire tools and techniques that can be independently applied to achieve sustainable results. Three prerequisites are important for success. First, a framework that puts operations-focussed exercises, practice, practice and more practice before dry theory. Second, the communication of the benefits that arise for all those involved. And third, the creation of an impact lever resulting from the right combination of trainers, methods and results monitoring. Benefit from:




Personal coaching focuses on the individual and analyses the environment and dynamics of clearly defined bottlenecks or development goals accordingly

Successive strengthening of
(self-) effectiveness

Analysis of personal goals and results achievement

Development of precise, goal- and  solution-oriented processes

Ongoing monitoring of the achievement of objectives

Opening different perspectives and approaches to problem analysis and solutions

A tailor-made sparring partner: High personal and professional affinity with coaches


Extend your head start


In cooperation with the Coaching Institute, we offer certified trainings in the areas of coaching, leadership and talent management

My communication and 

its impact

Dealing with change

Effective and contemporary 

Understanding and steering 
team dynamics

Analysing, understanding and
steering emotions

Fostering and using 

Professional training is one thing - personal development is another. Those who deal with other people know that instruction and supervision alone are not enough to lead people to peak performances. In 19 or 21 days (part-time) you first get to know yourself very well - and immerse yourself deeper and deeper in the forces and mechanisms that define you as a colleague, supervisor and person.

Our Team


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