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Back to your own roots

In difficult times it often helps to reflect on your own ‘basis’. We call this basis our intrinsic talents. Some also speak of ‘charisma’.

By this, I mean a concentration on what we are really good at, what makes us who we are. But very often we have distanced ourselves from this base. Either we took a career path that was purely objective and rational or we let other people steer us in a direction that was not quite optimal for us.

I invite you to take a closer look your true talents. Simple methods will help you to do so.

Often, we do not recognize our own basis because activities related to it are so easy for us that we do not recognize them as talent. "It feels so easy, it can't be anything special!"

An essential part of our work with people (when we work as business coaches) is to make these talents visible. Because as soon as they are visible, they can be developed. It is very interesting to realize that this supposed step forward is actually only a step back to our own roots, but also one that brings us forward in all areas of life. And often a fundamental change arises during this step, in a professional, financial, and private sphere.