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Micro Goals: are our goals SMART?

Under special circumstances, it helps to set goals, to have a structure, to give yourself security through planning. The challenge in setting goals is the right dosage and appropriate timing. We also speak of so-called SMART goals. SMART means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound (with a clearly defined time frame).

It often happens that we set ourselves goals due to over-zealousness or when under pressure which do not correspond to the SMART principle in many ways. The result: frustration due to not reaching goals.

How we set ourselves the right goals nowadays and how we achieve them can be seen when we take a closer look at SMART goals:


Goals must always be very specific. Formulate your goal concretely. Writing is of particular importance. Write down exactly what the goal is. It also helps to write down the personal benefit of the goal. Why do I want to achieve this goal? What will it bring me and how will I feel once I have reached the goal? In mental training we speak of the "picture of a fulfilled wish", i.e. the more exactly I can imagine what is supposed to come out in the end, the greater the probability that I will reach this goal. As a small tip, I use the "Vision Board", which is very popular, especially in the Anglo-American world: a pin board on which I attach pictures of my goals. If I have a picture that I can literally pin to my wall, the first, most important step has been done.